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End Grain Wood Flooring

end grain wood flooring

    wood flooring
  • Most often made from hardwoods like maple, pecan, beech, birch or oak.

  • Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Bamboo flooring is often considered a wood floor, although it is made from a grass (bamboo) rather than a timber.

  • Most wood flooring is made of hardwoods, such as oak, maple, pecan, beech and birch. There is solid wood flooring and laminated, which combines wood layered in different directions for strength and to inhibit warping.

    end grain
  • The grain of wood seen when it is cut across the growth rings

  • The surface of wood exposed after cutting across the fibres.

  • In speaking of wood the term grain refers to the alternating regions of relatively darker and lighter wood resulting from the differing growth parameters occurring in different seasons (i.e., growth rings). The term is used in several ways.

  • When the individual boards of wood are arranged so that the grain of the wood runs vertically. This causes a knife to be able to cut in between the wood fibers rather than cutting the actual board.

end grain wood flooring - End-grain cutting

End-grain cutting board: Downloadable Woodworking Plan

End-grain cutting board: Downloadable Woodworking Plan

This eye-catching kitchen accessory may look challenging, but it's amazingly easy to make thanks to a simple trick for creating the lively geometric pattern. And this project provides one tough cutting surface: its end-grain top holds up well to your sharpest utensils.
Featured in the October 2006 issue.
About WOOD Magazine downloadable plans
For error-free construction, each downloadable plan includes a bill of materials, a cutting diagram, a detailed supplies listing, and, when necessary, a mail-order buying guide for hard-to-find hardware.
For a clear idea of how our projects go together, each downloadable plan includes an exploded-view drawing with helpful details. All drawings are done professionally by the WOOD Magazine staff of woodworkers and illustrators.
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Detail drawings and step-by-step illustrations provide necessary dimensions and machining processes you'll need to make the building process as straightforward as possible.
Note: This is a downloadable woodworking plan. All other materials must be purchased separately.

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The Spasimo


The monumental area of St Maria dello Spasimo is situated in the Arab quarter of the Kalsa in Palermo , and it has suffered many architectonics changes. Its construction started in 1509 thanks to the Benedictine monks of Oliveto Mountain who in a 6 years time rendered the church of the Spasimo practicable. The "Spasimo" word refers at the Madonna's pain which she was present in the "via crucis" of her son. In 1520 and after a lot of vicissitudes, an altar-piece commissioned expressly to Raffaello called it Spasimo di Sicilia arrived at the Church, but it ended up in Spain in 1661 because of a dispute for its great valour. In Palermo there is a copy of it in St George's Church in Kemonia. In 1535 owing to the Turkish threat Palermo was ??? to build a strong defence system among which a new boundary wall. This works started from the Spasimo . The Church remained active till 1573, when the Benedictines left it definitively. From then onwards the church became first a theatre, then a lazaretto in 1600, then a store for cereals and grain, a shelter for the needy people and finally a deposit of the furniture confiscated at the insolvents debtors by bailiffs. In the XIX century the Spasimo became a hospital for syphilitics people and a great work of transformations was started. At the same time it was utilized also as a deposit of snow that arrived from the mountains. In 1988 the Prince Umberto Hospital was founded and nowadays it is possible to see the inscription on the main door, while others rooms were used to make sculptural and architectonics models and as a deposit of artistic material.

So, because of the different uses of the building complex or, it would be better to say, thanks to that, the "Spasimo" has attained its richness and fascination. Today, after the closing of the hospital in 1984, the collapse of the military structure in 1986 and a great work of restoration, the "Spasimo" has recovered its charm and beauty becoming on July 25, 1995 a picturesque open theatre. Since 1998 the rooms of the ex hospital house The Brass Group, the European School of Jazz Orchestra , and the Music Popular School.

Telling the Spasimo

The main door of the Spasimo is open all the days till midnight. You go in and you are in a great atrium where the fountain situated in the centre imitates the rain sound. On the right side you can see some rooms of the nineteenth-century building. On every door there are the marble name-plates with the scriptions: chaplain, guard doctor, head clerk. Those are "memories" of the Umberto Prince Hospital . On the left side you can see instead what makes magic, mysterious and special this place. Here you have the feeling to be in a out of time dimension. In front of the zone built in nineteenth-century you can see in fact the oriental wing of the sixteenth-century cloister with an imposing arcade. Prosecuting the way of it, you can see the wonderful gothic construction of St Maria dello Spasimo and be astonished in front of its incompleteness, in front of the simplicity and at the same time the majesty of the star made up by the ribs of the vaulted ceiling of the major apse, the strong trees "ailanthus" (called "eternity trees") that grow under the sky, which is the roof of the nave. But the surprises of the Spasimo aren't finished yet. In fact, at the end of the nave on the left you can see a gravel stair, which leads to a wonderful garden that looks like a wood: pines, palms citrus trees, prickly pears and willows, "speak with the wind", and they reflect the same church bigness under the bastion which protected Palermo from the Turkish attack.

wood samples #2

wood samples #2

I am going to take a picture of each wood in the pictures titled Wood Samples #1, #2 and #3. An individual picture will better represent the woods.

I will take the end grain micro picture from a slide to help accurately identify each species. My collection of wood is about 400 and I have about 150 formally labeled and cut to a collectors size of 1/2" x 3" x 6". I have the cross grain micro pictures for about 400 woods.

I will post any info you want and help you to identify any wood. When I get better group pictures with more accurate colors I will change these out.

If you want a single close that is more accurate for color and grain then these group pictures show I will be glad to post it for you.

end grain wood flooring

end grain wood flooring

John Boos RA03 24-by-18-by-2-1/4-Inch Reversible Maple Cutting Board

BoosBlock professional cutting boards are FDA-approved and are used by professional chefs throughout the United States. These high quality cutting boards are available in end grain and edge grain construction, and come in more than 39 shapes and sizes. John Boos & Co. is the number one supplier of butcher blocks countertops and cutting boards to restaurants, butchers and even the White House. BoosBlock cutting boards are manufactured by John Boos & Co. based in Effingham, Illinois. Since its inception in 1887, John Boos & Co. strives to provide the highest quality products to the most discriminating consumers.

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