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Floor Sanding Services London : Floating Laminate Floors.

Floor Sanding Services London

floor sanding services london

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530OHU - Torre Sands, Torquay.

530OHU - Torre Sands, Torquay.

First Devon And Cornwall briefly upgraded the X80 Plymouth to Torquay service with a number of these former London Airbus Alexander Royale bodied Volvo Olympians. These provided a luxury semi-coach interior, which made for a comfortable journey, certainly when compared with the East Lancs bodied Tridents used on the service today. If I had to level one criticism at these buses it was the overhead luggage racks upstairs, which I always used to make connection with, with my head. Obviously someone at First heard me 'make the connection' and so a snappy branding for the improved low floor X80 was born!

floor sanding services london

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